CWGL to highlight key initiatives at Nairobi Summit

9 November 2019 NAIROBI : The Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) will take part in the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) – the Nairobi Summit in Kenya from 12-14 November 2019.

CWGL and IWL team ready for action.

Convened by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Government of Kenya and the Government of Denmark, the high-level conference will include events and outreach activities by CWGL and partners through its 16 Days Global Campaign and the Journalism Initiative on Gender-Based Violence.

Executive Director of CWGL, Krishanti Dharmaraj

“The Nairobi Summit is an important milestone in accelerating progress in the pursuit of sexual and reproductive health rights at the global scale. CWGL through selected activities at the Summit will link our work on gender-based violence with UNFPAs work on sexual and reproductive health rights. We remain concerned by the unprecedented risks posted by different type of crises including armed conflict, climate change and austerity measures – where action has fallen short given the unprecedented occurrence of crises since 1995,” said Krishanti Dharmaraj, Executive Director of CWGL.

The Summit will bring together heads of states, ministers, parliamentarians, thought-leaders, technical experts, civil society organizations and a range of stakeholders interested in achieving the ICPD Programme of Action. It will include commitments centered on achieving zero unmet need for family planning information and services, zero preventable maternal deaths, and zero sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices against women and girls.

Dharmaraj said that accelerating progress and amplifying gains made since 1994 – legislative commitments must be made by governments, international financial institutions and private sector partners to meet the ICPD agenda.

CWGL will also take part in the #IMarchFor event hosted by UNFPA to jointly shed light on the ICPD theme and the Campaign theme for Global 16 Days to raise awareness on women’s sexual and reproductive rights and to demand actions to end gender-based violence in the world of work.

As the Global Coordinator of the Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR), CWGL will organize on November 11th a round-table aiming to produce submissions for the Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls (WGDAWG’s) forthcoming thematic report on reproductive health and rights in times of crisis.

Under the Journalism Initiative on Gender-Based Violence, CWGL will convene journalists from the Africa region as part of a consultation on GBV reporting and will host a Concurrent Session during the main Summit on ‘Leveraging the Power of News Media to End GBV’ on 12th November at 1700.

On women’s leadership, CWGL Faculty Director Dr. Radhika Balakrishnan will speak at the ‘Inter-generational dialogue on the road to gender equality: Connecting ICPD +25 and Beijing +25‘ event, focusing on leadership strategies for women to achieve changes against repression in their societies.

CWGL, is a global women’s rights organization based out of Rutgers University is the founder and coordinator of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, an international campaign used by activists around the world as an organizing strategy to call for the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence.

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