2021 Campaign Advocacy Guide

In 2021, the Global 16 Days Campaign continued the multi-year theme of ending GBV in the world of work. Special attention was paid to domestic violence and how it impacts victims and survivors in both formal and informal workplaces.

The 2021 Advocacy Guide aims to highlight not only how domestic violence is a workplace issue, but also promising practices that states, organizations, and individuals that are in accordance with ILO Recommendation 206.

The Guide expands on the 2019 and 2020 resources and is accompanied by a Social Media Toolkit that you can use to show your support and take action to draw attention to these links in your own world of work.

The scope of issues discussed in in these advocacy resources represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of the challenges faced by women workers across various sectors and the international norms and standards that can be used to address them.

These resources mark a continuation of our effort, from a feminist human rights perspective, to bridge the activism led by labor rights and women’s rights movements, and other concerned organizations to transform the world of work and make it better for women and those who are most vulnerable.

With your engagement and advocacy, we can get our governments to #RatifyILO190 and ensure a world of work without violence for all.

Find the guide here:
2021 Domestic Violence Advocacy Guide [PDF]