ILO Convention 190 and GBV in the world of work: An interview with Melissa Upreti by Saahas

Saahas is a feminist and peace-oriented tech tool that supports survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) access support across 196 countries and fosters active bystander intervention. Coded and created by Kirthi Jayakumar, Saahas is available as an Android app, a Facebook and Telegram Chatbot, a web app, and soon, a WhatsApp chatbot.

As part of its advocacy to support survivors, bystanders, and people seeking to engage with supporting survivors, Saahas has launched a YouTube Channel to showcase conversations with pioneers in the field of GBV prevention and protection. In November 2020, Saahas interviewed Melissa Upreti, human rights lawyer, woman’s rights advocate, and a Senior Director of Program and Advocacy at the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, about the importance of ILO Convention 190 (C190) and Recommendation 206 (R206), and on ending GBV and harassment in the world of work. Watch the interview below.

For a transcript of the interview, click here.

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Kirthi Jayakumar is a feminist researcher and GBV liaison. She works at the intersection of gender, peace, transitional justice, and security. She runs The Gender Security Project and coded a tech tool built on feminist design principles, called Saahas for survivors for gender based violence across 196 countries.