2022 Femicide Materials


This year, the Campaign is continuing the theme of Ending Femicide.

Find the 2022 Action Guide that recommends activities for a range of individuals, including you as a member of the community and as an activist, and for key actors, such as government officials, policymakers, employers, media, and academic institutions here: 2022 Femicide Action Guide



Although Femicide can impact women and girls all over the world, vulnerable women and girls face a heightened risk of Femicide that is associated with multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. This year, the Campaign has identified those women and girls who are at higher risk of Femicide, although this list is not exhaustive.

Indigenous Femicide

Black Femicide

Femicide in the World of Work

Femicide due to Unsafe Abortions

Use the resources provided to ensure that your community is a safer place for all women and girls, and remember that a world without violence is possible. Together, #LetsEndFemicide!