Spotlight on Global 16 Days Campaign Allies

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably emphasized and amplified existing inequalities and vulnerabilities for women and girls around the world.  The internet is abuzz with reports of the devastating impact of the pandemic and public health measures that have been introduced to contain it, many of which have been catastrophic for women and girls, as well as many other vulnerable populations. Civil society organizations and activists are too facing enormous constraints that are severely impacting their ability to expose many of these harms as systematic violations of human rights, as well as to organize and advocate for responses to the pandemic that are gender-responsive and just. Yet, during this crisis, activists and organizations continue to rise above all odds to demonstrate their leadership by proactively responding to these challenges in many different ways, including by coordinating online meetings, lobbying governments to provide more resources and support to women’s shelters, outlining policies for a gender-inclusive COVID-19 response, and more.

As coordinator of the Global 16 Days Campaign, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership aims to bridge movements and amplify calls for accountability that are anchored in feminist thought, standards and leadership, and which seek to challenge the patriarchal mindset and governance under which we live. We firmly believe that the remarkable organizing and acts of courage and local leadership by women and girls are what will get us through this crisis. In the coming weeks, we will feature the work of our Global 16 Days Campaign allies through this series in a variety of formats, including write-ups, interviews, Q&As, and more.

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