16 Days of Activism “COVID 19 – A Gender Sensitive Perspective”

Inspired by the social movement sparked by Center for Global Women’s Leadership, ELSA (European Law Students’ Association) Turkey will be helding its first 16 Days of Activisim Campaign between the dates November 25 – December 10. We were conducting the advocacy project “Gender Sensitive” on gender matters since February and thought participating in this unique movement would be a great tool to raise awareness on the key risk factors on gender equality exacerbated by the pandemic.

Our 16-day campaign will focus on four main topics; violence, access to justice and activism, work and education. We will examine the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the struggle for gender equality, under different headings, in four-day periods. Our social media accounts will be reserved to share our findings on the topics we have mentioned above for 16 days.

At the end of each four-day period, we are planning to organize a series of webinars / live broadcasts on 28 November / 2 December / 6 December / 10 December with the experts of the subject. Instead of preparing a plaque for each speaker that we will invite to our webinars / live broadcasts, we want to donate to NGOs, women’s shelters or transparent institutions working on gender equality.

At the end of the 16-day period, we will create a report highlighting the importance of the problems. In this report, we will include the resources we use in the preparation process, the reading suggestions and the institutions / groups / organizations working in this direction, the data we will reach through the survey, the questions asked by our participants during the webinars / live broadcasts and the solutions that can be brought to them by the experts.

Additionaly, we would like to held an awarded essay competition to encourage law students to detect the current problems caused by the pandemic on gender matters in Turkey and come up with innovative solutions.

Another idea we wish to realize for the social media phase of the campaign is “16 Faces” videos. We would like to reach out to ELSA Turkey’s partner student organisations, lawyers that are working on gender matters, lawyers that are well recognized in Turkey with a good reputation and people from the media to create a group of 16 people that would give messages on the matters that we are going to discuss during this 16 days period.

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