16 Stories of Feminist Activism

The Center for the Study of Women and Society at the Graduate Center CUNY, in collaboration with the journals, Feminist Anthropology and Women Studies Quarterly, is sponsoring a call for stories related to activism in the year 2020. In recognition and celebration of the global initiative, 16 Days Campaign, the collaboration invites everyone who engaged with feminist activism throughout the 2020 year to submit their stories and join us in building a community around the purpose of activism and change. We are welcoming stories on any activism-related topic, in any digital medium. We hope this collaboration will help to celebrate the incredible and ongoing work of activists in New York and around the country and the world, and that we can lift up those who have worked hard to lift up this year.

The event will run from 11/25 – 12/10, and a new activist will be featured across our social media platforms everyday. We are hoping to host a webinar on 12/10 to speak with all of our featured activists.

We have attached our “Call-for-Stories” PDF and hope that it gives you more information on what we are working on and looking for.


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