ASAMENA Campaign

An advocacy campaign on social media platforms (Facebook + Instagram) will work to reflect the magnitude of femicide in MENA region by sharing the stories of victims.
The ASAMENA campaign will be implemented in the line of the 30th anniversary of launching the global 16 Days campaign to end violence against women.
The word (أسى) in Arabic means sorrow: a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.
MENA: referring to Middle East and North of Africa
MENAأسى means the sorrow of MENA region
It also an alliteration for the ASAMENA (أسامينا) word in Arabic, which means our name.
The (ASAMENA) campaign to be accompanied by the names of women who lived in the Middle East and North Africa, and whose lives ended in the most heinous forms of violence (femicide).
Activities and purpose:
The campaign focuses on producing and publishing media contents depending on narrative storytelling techniques to:
– reflect the magnitude of femicide in MENA region countries
– share stories from different MENA countries where women were subjects of femicide (each story refers to one different type of femicide)
– advocate and mobilize for taking an action to end femicide through signing a petition to support the cause of the campaign to end femicide.

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