Awareness Sessions

As part of the 16 days of activity campaign

Under the theme , “What do you do to stop- prevent WP issues?”

Psychological Support Centers (Ibb – Taiz) affiliated with the Psychiatric Care Developmental Foundation, hold awareness-raising about 16 days of activism  campaign, violence and its categories .
On November 27, 2021, in the psychological support centers (Taiz – Ibb), a community awareness of the frequent patients and their families started about the 16 days campaign to combat violence against women and its categories.

Where the campaign slogan and gender-based violence were defined, and types of violence were addressed, as it is not limited to physical violence, but there are more than one manifestations of it, such as deprivation of resources, sexual violence, rape, early marriage and forced marriage. The goal of the campaign, is to combat violence.

On the other hand, raising awareness about violence against women.
At the conclusion of the awareness sessions, the attendees have the opportunity to make their suggestions on how to reduce violence against women, and the most prominent suggestions were to refer to the Sunnah and the Qur’an, which recommended women and gave them a prominent position, Also, one of the proposals is for women to know their rights so that they can become more powerful. Awareness has been suggested in places where there are as many women as possible.
The total target of the awareness raising is 35 male and female beneficiaries.

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