Community Based Training on Women’s Rights & Legal Awareness

A community based training on women’s rights & legal awareness was organised at Pal Basti Ghirongi under the banner of Project Parivartan by Humara Bachpan Trust. 45 women and adolescent girls participated in it. The training was facilitated by project manager. The session started with the information of 16 days of activism against gender based violence. Then the women were asked about the discrimination and violence they or their acquaintances faced in their daily life. Some of them shared 2-3 types of discriminations which they generally faced. Later they were informed about other kinds of discriminations and violence a woman or girl has to face in our society.
Then they were asked about their legal rights. They had no information about it. Later they were shared information about their constitutional rights and the laws which help them in fighting against these discriminations and violence. Later we discussed its possible solutions like education for all and making every women empowered. The women participated in the session actively and thanked us at the end. The session was winded up with thanking them for their presence and active participation.

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