Domestic Work, not Domestic Abuse: Domestic Workers Unite against Gender-based Violence

IDWF position on femicide is that due to the compound identities of domestic workers, who are predominantly BIPOC women from the Global South, some of whom are migrants, they systemically endure gender-based violence amounting to murder. We see this in the criminalization of domestic workers in various contexts of informality and irregularity, in the lack of access to justice through litigation mechanisms for domestic workers and their families, and in the invisibility of their workplace where domestic and labour violence merge together.

In this Webinar, IDWF affiliates will share experiences and discuss exploitation contexts and how domestic workers and their organizations are fighting gender-based violence.

The first panel sheds light on existing structures within the domestic work sector that enforce the lack of women’s ownership over their mobility, decisions, bodies, and ultimately, lives. In the second panel, we discuss best practices and lessons learned about the recent victories of domestic workers’ unions addressing violence and harassment in the world of work.

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