End GBV through films

The project seek to work with 10 survivors of gender based violence who are to be role models to the young Malawian girls in schools and facing different kinds of violence in school, homes and our local communities. Each of these 10 survivors stories will be presented in a documentary film reprocess their lives which kneepad by GBV. The documentary will be used as a research to produce short film represents fiction versus in reality that will give a clear picture of how girls in Malawi faces GBV violence.
This short film is there for self-motivation that girls can do it despite what they are facing each day of their lives. At the end of all this the girls will be given papers to write down what kind of abuses and Violence’s they are facing everyday of their lives in schools, Homes and our communities(with their names written on the top of each paper.

Presented by Scar of life films.

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