Femi(ni)cide Watch Platform Relaunch: Connecting, Sharing, Building

Launched for the first time in 2017 and run entirely on a volunteer basis, the Femi(ni)cide Watch Platform (FWP) is a global knowledge hub that provides selective, high-quality information on femi(ni)cide from news and multimedia to policy and research, as well as highlighting key figures in the field. This year, the FWP grew and took on a new air. Together with a group of wonderfully committed students from the University of Guelph, Canada, and the kind contribution of the United Nations Studies Association’s (UNSA) digital infrastructure, we revisited, contextualised and expanded our content.

To mark the occasion of our relaunch, we will be joined by a fantastic panel of global experts from various fields in the prevention of femicide. The panel will be announced shortly!

1. Welcome

2. Panel questions and discussion

3. Questions from the audience

4. Teamwork: Explore the platform!

5. Closing remarks

Please join us to explore our platform, connect knowledges, share experiences, and build networks in the fight against femi(ni)cide!

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