Festive gift donation event for women’s refuges

Amnesty International UK is campaigning as part of the Step Up Migrant Women coalition – a campaigning group by and for migrant black and minority ethnic women led by the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) to ensure that migrant women affected by domestic abuse have equal access to protection and support. Migrant women find it virtually impossible to access protection if they experience domestic abuse. Many are blocked from accessing public funds and are turned away from life-saving refuges, and many are too scared to report the violence to the police or other services, for fear of being detained or deported. The fear is founded in reality: last year, 60% of UK police forces admitted they referred victims of crime to the Home Office for immigration purposes.

Show your solidarity with women in this situation by joining us for an evening of card writing, gift wrapping and hearing from the amazing women we are campaigning with on this important issue.

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