Fight for the Night

Let’s march together on 29 November to demand action to make our streets safer and show solidarity to survivors of rape and sexual assault.

We will meet in Kelvingrove Park at 6pm and the march through Glasgow City Centre. The march will lead to a rally at George Square.

We believe that, as women, trans and non-binary people and those presenting as female, we have the right to walk the streets at night without the fear of sexual and gendered violence.

We want to protest against the stigma surrounding rape and sexual assault, the victim-blaming that goes alongside this and make our thoughts known on the appalling rape conviction rate in Scotland.

We will be fundraising for Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis to support the crucial support they offer to survivors, and the brilliant prevention and education work this underfunded charity does. * If you have glow sticks or torches, please bring them along! *

Organized by the Strathclyde Students’ Union.

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