From 12.11. to 06.12.2021 the first Saxony-wide campaign of the non-profit association LAG gewaltfreies Zuhause Sachsen e.V. takes place. On over 200 statewide distributed large posters (9m2), with a focus on rural areas, the public will be informed about the help system for victims of domestic violence in Saxony.
The LAG gewaltfreies Zuhause e.V. is a statewide association of sixteen Saxon women* and child protection facilities and nine intervention and coordination centers. The association works to improve support and counseling services for victims of domestic violence and offers in-depth information and training events on gender-based violence as well as a referral service to the help system.
The campaign raises awareness that violence against women and domestic violence is a problem that affects society as a whole. Everyone has the right to a home free of violence. Domestic violence is omnipresent. In the form of physical, psychological, sexualized, economic and social violence. Domestic violence is not a private matter, but a violation of human rights.
The goal of the LAG gewaltfreies Zuhause Sachsen e.V. is to actively contain the far-reaching consequences of gender-based and domestic violence and to break the cycle of violence.
Saxony has a long-established help system, which the campaign specifically draws attention to.
The highlight of the high-profile poster campaign is on Nov. 25, 2021, the International Day Against Violence Against Women. On this day, 273 digital screens in Saxony’s shopping centers and train stations will also display the campaign motif.

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