I will not let you be next campaign

South Africa has one of the worst rape, gender-based violence and femicide statistics in the world with 40035 reported rapes in 2017/2018 alone of which 41% are children.

The fore runners of the fight against these injustices are the South African Police force who are undertrained and lack the required empathy to deal with traumatized victims.

Therefore it is a common occurrence to hear of victims who are both turned away and belittled by the people who are supposed to protect them.

Rapewise South Africa is currently running a campaign with a focus on correctly training South African Police officers in the correct procedure as well as how to correctly treat all victims with human dignity and respect.

This will allow for victims to easily be able to report there cases as well as should assist in the investigation process ultimately contributing in the continuous battle against sexual abuse, femicide and gender-based violence.

You or your organization can contribute by sponsoring the training of a police officer for R125 per person through Rapewise SA.

Together we believe we can truly make a difference!

View our short video here.

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