Imagine – #HerStoryOurStory

> Download: Use our HerStoryOurStory campaign communications assets, templates and messages within your organisation, unit/pack, personal social and media channels. View the Comms folder here. Let’s shout out together against GBV.
> Create: On 25 November, this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the first day of 16 Days of Activism, be part of the WAGGGS chorus and send a strong message? To stop the violence and end the silence.
> We ask you:“If there was no Gender-based violence in this world, what extra thing would you do tomorrow?”
In your own way, share this new world experience with us and respond by creating your own art /photograph / content and post on social media alongside this message below:

“30 years strong and still standing strong for change. We will end GBV! Bearing witness, standing for change, taking action, listening to her voice. Changing #HerStoryOurStory.”

Use the additional hashtags: #16 Days #orangetheworld #endGBV #orangeday #HearMeToo #wewontstopfighting #StopTheViolence

To hear our powerful and united Girl Guide & Girl Scout roar on social media, as 1 shining light in 10 million, please prepare and post this specific message on 25 November.

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