Innovative Ways to Tackle GBV in Africa

This month we are hosting a special Mindplug event to kick off the 16 Days of Activism against gender based violence. Panelist will be discussing various forms that GBV can occur to create awareness and highlight ways this can be combated.

In addition to this, the impact of GBV on mental health shall also be addressed. Let’s work together to break the silence and it all starts with creating awareness.


Our Panelist:
Lindelwe Nkoko – Mindplug Campaign Founder and Host
Mutsa Makaka – CEO & Founder of Shift Your Mindset
Gurpreet Singh – Environmental Director at Africa Healing Foundation
Dr Sharmila Anand – Medical Entrepreneur . Founder and Managing Director of Insperaskills
Walter Chikanya – Behaviour Change Specialist
Luckimore Pamhidzai – Award Winning SRHR and HIV Youth Advocate
Eve Mapanda- Mental Health Lead at Africa Healing Foundation
Albert Mapfumo – Author and Speaker at The Day’s Word

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