Interactive Session on Sexual Harassment in Public Spaces and Related Laws

In this session, the Snakes and Ladders game will be used to initiate discussions on sexual harassment in public spaces and related laws. Some participants will be invited to play the game on the flex chart and others will be supporters. The participants roll the dice and move according to the number shown on the dice. They then have to read the statement written on the flex aloud when one lands at the foot of a ladder or at the head of a snake. Some of these statements are those that enable women to access their right to safe and inclusive public spaces. These enabler statements are placed where ladders are located, which means the participant/player moves upwards and nearer to winning the game of creating safe public spaces. There are some other statements that re-emphasise existing patriarchal practices and acted as barriers to women’s access to safer and inclusive public spaces. These statements are placed where snakes’ heads are located and the participant/player slides down to bottom. Other participants will engage in discussions over the statements. This event will be from 11am-3pm.

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