Introduction to Feminist Justice Workshop

A 3-hour workshop [3-6pm] aimed at equipping the attendees with a feminist and gender-equitable perspective to alter the way we handle cases of gender-based violence within the context of the Indian legal system.

The workshop is open to all but will be specially useful for lawyers, law students, psychologists, students of psychology and persons working within the development sector.

The workshop will help us in understanding:
1. the need for adopting survivor centric and rights-based approaches in court.
2. the role of a trauma-informed approach in treating survivors of gender based violence.
3. how we can adopt feminist principles in our interactions with survivors of gender based violence.
4. the function of practising feminist lawyering in the context of the greater gender-rights movement.

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About the FemJustice Legal Centre

FemJustice Legal Centre is an initiative by OFC, a space where the process of seeking justice can be a transformative tool to combat gender-based crimes, while also recognising the survivor-client’s agency, live reality and desires for justice. The Centre works to improve existing legal systems and create new alternative pathways so that survivors can access justice that is healing and empowering. It currently offers:

• Trainings, workshops and courses on feminist, trauma-informed and movement lawyering.
• Preliminary legal and mental health support to survivors of gendered violence.
• Opportunities to provide pro bono advice on cases at its FemJustice Legal Aid Clinic.

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