IOM Ireland Protect II – Cultural Competency and Understanding

The International Organization for Migration is the migration agency of the United Nations. In partnership with the Department of Justice, IOM Ireland presents the Protect II Project. Protect II focuses on the empowerment of migrant and ethnic minority survivors of DSGBV and suspected victims of trafficking in seeking services and support. The project has three main components:
1. 11 trained cultural mediators who serve to facilitate cultural understanding between service users and service providers
2. A capacity-building training on cultural competency and understanding for frontline service providers working directly with migrant and ethnic minority survivors of DSGBV and victims of trafficking
3. A training on providing cultural mediation services and the principles of cultural mediation practices for some service providers who want to fill that role.
This event will introduce the project and the mediators as well as discuss the importance of culture and understanding in service access and provision, especially when working with vulnerable migrants and ethnic minorities who are survivors of domestic, sexual, and gender-based violence.

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