Live Webinar:The Continuum of Gender-Based Violence in Forced Migration

Live Webinar at 10 AM EST:

Event Description Al-Qazzaz Foundation is pleased to host a webinar on “The Continuum of Gender-Based Violence on Forced Migration” by Urooj Mian, the CEO of SHE Associates Inc.

The topic description of the live webinar is:

“Refugee women face many forms of vulnerability throughout their forced migration journey which results in multiple forms of insecurity and violence including sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). SGBV can take unique forms, even upon arrival in the country of resettlement. There remain very real gaps in authorities truly applying a gender lens to their work to formally identify and adequately address the unique needs of refugee women throughout their journey. Using the human security approach, this webinar will introduce participants to the varying vulnerabilities, threats and risks refugee women face to prompt examination of the ‘continuum of violence’ persisting over their lives before, during and after their flight for safety”


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