“Because it’s your right to live”
A media campaign on social media sites and MAUJ’s website will be implemented in 2021, along with the 30th anniversary of launching the international 16-Day-Campaign to end violence against women.
The campaign aims to emphasize women’s rights in life, shedding light on the murders committed against them in the family, and the importance of economic empowerment in putting an end to this kind of gender-based violence.
The campaign focuses on the production and dissemination of digital content, for the purpose of advocating and mobilizing for the adoption of policies and legal procedures consistent with international conventions and covenants, aiming to end violence against women by sharing stories and testimonies of Syrian women in the face of murdering crimes of women in the family on one hand and unite efforts to work on the feminist agenda through partnership and cooperation with Syrian civil organizations.

The produced digital content included 19 various digital products:
1- 1- 10 visual designs (5 designs for posting on Facebook and 5 designs for posting on Instagram) It clarifies some provisions contained in international charters, agreements, and national law, which supports women’s right to life and protects them from violence and discrimination.
2- 4 testimonies of Syrian women whose topics were about: reproductive health, women’s participation in public life, and early marriage.
3- Two stories based on storytelling techniques, of two Syrian women, both experienced gender-based violence or murder.
4- Two stories of two Syrian women demonstrate how economic empowerment played an important role in ending the violence they were subjected to.
5- One video to make one remember the stories of violently murdered women. this video is titled “حتى لا تنسونا” “So that you do not Forget Us”.

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