Parenting Your Teen in an Over-Sexualised World

Galway Rape Crisis Centre invites interested parents to join the conversation and learn more on how to support your tween/teen in what has fast become a relentlessly over-sexualized world.

Raising teenagers has never been easy, and with the technological age added pressures and stressors on our young people have emerged. Young people are now seeing sexualised images through social media/film/TV at a much younger age and often feel pressure to copy what they see without being aware of the emotional and physical impacts this can have.

This two hour parent-centred talk will equip you with the skills needed to talk to your tween/teen about the pressures they may be facing and allow you to enhance your knowledge in the following areas:
• Consent and the law
• Teenage relationships
• Sexting
• Pornography and its consequences
• The impact of sexual violence and responding appropriately

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