Psychological support program for the camps for female IDPs

The Psychiatric Care Development Foundation team raised awareness for female IDPs in the two districts of Al-Shamayatayn and Al-Ma’afer, about gender-based violence in terms of concept, types, effects, and prevention, and also provided group and individual psychological support to individuals and families, and a set of psychological advice and guidance that would be Raising the level of awareness among camp residents, and stressing the importance of mental health and its close relationship to physical health

At the conclusion of the awareness-raising IDPs, were directed to the hotline of the Psychiatric Care Development Foundation, which receives psychological and family counseling from any landline or Yemen mobile phone daily for free, from 8 am to 8 pm at the number 8000202.

About 800 beneficiaries benefited from the awareness-raising, and 500 mental health awareness brochures were distributed.

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