Shame on Who?

Event Description On the occasion of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence 2018, ABAAD, with a support of a number of partners and allies, launched the “#ShameOnWho?” nationwide campaign, calling on citizens to unite and put pressure on government officials, by demanding increased punishment for perpetrators of rape and sexual violence, and to direct the blame on the perpetrator rather than the survivor. You can read the press release here.

After months of preparation, ABAAD released the social experiment video, “Min el-Felten,” which aimed to capture the people’s real responses to rape. The social experiment shows that a large number of people are negligent and unaware of how to interact with a rape victim, choosing instead to accuse, blame and shame her. Hence the slogan; Judge the Rapist. Not the Victim. You can watch the video here.

ABAAD also used street art depicting the faces of alleged rapists as described by their victims, to change Lebanese attitudes to rape. The images went up on walls of buildings around Beirut and some also featured voice boxed with oral testimony from the victims.

Moreover, on November 22nd, ABAAD put on the play entitled “Shame on who?” which allows the audience to relive stories of rape survivors through recordings of the women’s voices ringing out, as the audience moves from room to room in a house in Beirut.

ABAAD took part in the Beirut International Marathon performing a stunt in which women and activists decided not to ‘’run’’ and instead break the silence and face rapists and all social justifications that defend his act. You can watch the video here.

Finally, ABAAD is supporting women committees in the Palestinian camps to conduct community awareness activities on the objective of the #ShameOnWho campaign.

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