Sister Courage: Training on street safety 2

WORKSHOP 2 – Voice and Physical Presence

The second workshop looks at developing a toolkit of de-escalation tactics through use of voice and physical presence. This assists in establishing healthy boundaries and reframing victimisation through greater recognition that responsibility for conflict and abuse is never the victim’s.

This workshop looks at better using the voice and our own body language. Body language accounts for 93% of all communication, of which 55% is non verbal and tone of voice is 38%, however few people ever really learn how to maximise its potential. But when some of us can’t even raise our voice, or loose our voice to stress, how can we feel in control, how can we be heard? If some of us feel either invisible or too visible, how do we make our way freely? This is assertiveness, and it doesn’t happen over night. But small actions every day lead to great results. This workshop will explore ways in which we can work towards this.


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