Social Action and Analysis (SAA) Community Facilitators Capacity Building

As efforts towards the reduction of harmful gender and social norms that impede adolescent girls and young women’s continued engagement in education and training, CARE International in Zimbabwe (CIZ) in partnership with the Government of Zimbabwe is implementing the Supporting Transition, Retention and Training for Girls (START4Girls) project generously supported by the Global Affairs Canada in Buhera and Mutare rural districts of Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. The project is facilitating transformative dialogues with traditional and religious leaders and communities through the CARE’s Social Analysis and Action (SAA) model and tools. For the two districts of project implementation, the project has facilitated the identification and selection of community-based SAA facilitators (43F; 40M) who among other roles, engage communities they live in and trigger discussions on social issues that affect girls and young women for collective community driven actions and action-plans. The plans include actions towards ending child marriages and teenage pregnancies as drivers of school dropout in rural communities of Mutare and Buhera. The START4Girls project has conducted trainings and engagements across levels – with project staff, government ministries and community leaders, and in culmination was the SAA training with community facilitators that was held during the second week of November 2021 for both Buhera and Mutare Rural districts. The SAA Community Facilitators Training coincides with the upcoming 16 Days of Activism and the SAA dialogues have triggered the journey for conversations on ending child marriages among other issues that were identified by communities. Among the SAA tools used include the gender box, ideal women /ideal men, pile sorting, privilege walk, things and people among others.

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