Stand Up Against Street Harassment Training

Join Hollaback!, L’Oréal Paris, the NYC Commission on Gender Equity, and the NYC Mayor’s Office To End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence for a 1-hour training and learn clear, adaptable, and expert-approved tools that are proven to reduce street harassment.

The goal is to build a culture where harassment is seen as unacceptable.

This event is offered on:

Saturday, Nov 27, 2pm-3pm –

Sunday, Nov 28, 4pm-5pm –

Monday, Nov 29, 8pm-9pm (For Youth) –

Tuesday, Nov 30, 11am-12pm –

Wednesday, Dec 1, 8pm-9pm –

Thursday, Dec 2, 5pm-6pm –

Friday, Dec 3, 12pm-1pm –

Saturday, Dec 4, 1pm to 2pm –

Sunday, Dec 5, 3pm to 4pm (En Español) –

Monday, Dec 6, 4pm-5pm –

Tuesday, Dec 7, 8pm-9pm –

Wednesday, Dec 8, 12pm-1pm –

Thursday, Dec 9, 5pm-6pm –

Friday, Dec 10, 2pm-3pm –

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