Sustainable Expatriation – SEE THE WAY for inclusive globalization

Since the dawn of global corporate expansion, the following expat spouses, primary women, are not allowed to work in many countries which creates lifetime inequalities for women. At the same time, these dependent women labelled as a luxury class and miss re-integration support when repatriating. This leads to the unemployability of highly educated women unable to realise their professional potential, contribute to the development of societies and economy as well as the future of children. The challenge is global and has no solution in 2020.

National laws need inclusion and integration of global citizens. Through this online event, we’ll introduce our “SEE THE WAY” project and vision of Sustainable Expatriation, enabling social sustainability for inclusive globalisation, aiding global challenge of migration through partnerships for ten Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 which we can achieve only through inclusive collaboration.

Please follow our website and a Facebook page @Sustainableexpatriation for the details of the event and participation.

With Gratitude for your support,
Marina Malmberg
Founder/CEO of Sustainable Expatriation

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