Take Heart You Are Not Alone

Framed through the lens of art, the “You’re Not Alone,” gender-based violence (GBV) regional campaign, which is also part of a global campaign, will run for 16 days from Nov. 25 to Dec. 10, 2020 and is a preview for a spring arts exhibition. The goal is to raise awareness with actions that you can take each day to move the world closer to eliminate and generate action to end violence against women and girls in communities around the world (16 Days of Activism: What You Can Do: Women for Women International, 2019). The first 4 days will provide educational information to help inform the public. The following 8 days will be represented by artists from multiple disciplines demonstrating their artforms. The remaining 4 days will encompass advocacy with the goal to stimulate public conversations and provide education for individuals and organizations to raise awareness and encourage engagement. This case for support will move individuals to social action, to influence, educate, and to help survivors receive the resources and tools they need.

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