The impact of COVID19 on the MENA Region

Please join us for a very special event!

We will be holding a round table event to discuss  how COVID19 pandemic has exposed and  exacerbated inequalities around the region , disproportionately affecting populations most vulnerable to acute poverty, exploitation, and abuse.

We will be looking at the long and short term  impacts of COVID19 globally on women and girls.

How to continue empowering  women and girls within the Mena Region
We have an amazing line up of women
Keynote: Dr Salma Nims
Secretary General The Jordanian National Commission for Women
Moderator: Mandy Sanghera UK
Dr Hana Albanna Syria / Rufugees
Imen Tekaya Bouaziz Tunisia
Yara Quda Egypt
Dr Soolmaz Abooali Iran
Myra Abdallah Lebanon

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