towards a national vision to eliminate violence against women

Statistics issues by the United Nations regarding violence based on gender revealed 70 percent of women all over the world are facing violence, still neither statistics nor percentages are clear enough to state the situation of women in Kuwait because of social difficulties that challenge researchers in seeking the truth.

As most of women do not speak about being abused which makes it hard to know an accurate number or range of violations committed in Kuwait and even harder to have study based on this subject.

Therefore the KSHR acknowledged that this incidents are not being combated through an effective legal system. crimes and violations based on gender spreaded even wider without the legislator noticing how dangerous and sensitive is the matter, and how such mentalities that spread sexism should be combated before they effect or encourage crimes out of sexism among communities and young generations.

As a part of our mission to protect and defend human rights, on the international Day to compact violence based on gender the 25th of Nov 2019, and as we advocate the international campaign (16 days of action against gender based violence) and gender based violence in work fields

The Kuwait Society for Human Rights will be holding a discussion seminar (Towards a national vision to eliminate violence against women) in this seminar the results of a questionnaire that was issued by the KSHR regarding violence based on gender shall be discussed, we shall also present a Draft bill on combating violence based on gender as a highly sensitive crime as its based on sexism, Which was drafted by a group of legal professionals in the Association
Later we will be Announcing the launch of two leading projects currently being undertaken by the Association on women’s rights:
– Takamul project which will be implemented in cooperation with the MEPI /embassy of the United States regarding promoting gender equality in Kuwaiti society
– project to end violence and enhancing gender equality in workplace in cooperation with the embassy of the Netherlands

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