TrackGBV Dashboard Launch

At ICAAD, we have been analyzing thousands of GBV sentencing decisions in the Pacific with our pro bono partners to track gender bias and discrimination, for example, gender stereotypes, customary practices, and other contentious factors used to reduce or suspend sentences. With that data, the goal of the TrackGBV program is to monitor accountability to support judicial policy reform through legal advocacy and training with the goal of removing gender discrimination from judicial decision making.

We have now reviewed over 3,500 cases, and the analysis for each jurisdiction will be available in the TrackGBV Dashboard, so CSOs, lawyers, and judiciaries can make use of the data in real-time.

Join us for the public launch of the TrackGBV Dashboard in the Pacific. We’ll be walking through the Dashboard and hearing from leading gender justice advocates about what TrackGBV has accomplished and where it’s headed.

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