Visit to the sewing training center for women

The Psychiatric Care Developmental Foundation in Aden visits the sewing training center for women as part of the 16-day campaign to combat violence against women in the Khor Maksar district, where the foundation and the services it provides were defined and the hotline (psychological and family counseling ) 800202 was promoted.
Then the psychologist defined the 16-day campaign, which begins on November 25 as the International Day to End Violence against Women and ends on December 10 as the International Day of Human Rights, and explained gender-based violence term, its types and causes; and its forms.
It concluded by drawing up a plan on how to overcome violence; There was a discussion between the women and the psychologist that many women are subjected to violence of all kinds; The Foundation’s staff conducted an activity for women “for or against” where they ask women about violence against women; The women trainees of the Tailoring Center were impressed by this campaign and the awareness session  provided by the Psychiatric Care Developmental Foundation.

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