Women’s Health East 16 Days social media campaign

This social media campaign has been co-designed by women with lived experience of disability, neurodiversity, mental health conditions and chronic illness. The focus of the campaign is to prevent violence against women with disabilities by taking action to address gender inequality and ableism in our relationships, families, social networks, workplaces, services and programs. The Campaign tiles include illustrations for each message, developed by six women illustrators with lived experience of disabilities. The Campaign is undertaken through the Margins to the Mainstream Project, led by Women’s Health East with the Together for Equality and Respect (TFER) partnership, to amplify the voices of women with disability and build the capacity of partners to take this forward in their primary prevention work. The Australian Department of Social Services is funding the project. Social media tiles, image descriptions, and suggested post across facebook, linkedin, instagram and twitter are available, together with e-signatures to download at: www.whe.org.au/tfer/16-days.

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