Young People for Change

Within the framework of 16-day campaign against gender violence, a study visit was held in the office of Women’s Information Center. Participants were young representatives from Georgian, Ossetian and Georgian-Ossetian families living in conflict affected region of Shida Kartli.

Elene Rusetskaia, Director of Women’s Information Center answered the questions of students and and got acquainted with their problems. Besides, she talked  about 16-day campaign against gender violence, peace processes and negotiations.

Within the framework of the project is planned to set up the Youth Initiative Centre, trainings  about necessary and interesting topics, meetings with invited guests, study visits and media camps.

The project aims to increase the civic responsibility of the young people of Georgian, Ossetian and Georgian-Ossetian mixed families living in Shida Kartli, to motivate  their active and effective participation in the decision making process at the local government level.

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