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Assaulted and Unheard: Violence Against Healthcare Staff

“Healthcare workers regularly face the risk of violent physical, sexual, and verbal assault from their patients. To explore this phenomenon, a collaborative descriptive qualitative study was undertaken by university-affiliated researchers and a union council representing registered practical nurses, personal support

Women, Work, and Harassment

This infographic features statistics from 2009 surveys, conducted by ASISTA, regarding workplace violence at meatpacking plants in Iowa. The majority of the women interviewed reported that colleagues or bosses commented on their bodies, experienced at least one form of sexual

Female Workers Face Rape, Harassment in US Agriculture Industry

The Center for Investigative Reporting discusses the power imbalance in the agricultural industry through United States-focused cases. Female agricultural workers tell their personal stories of sexual harassment at the hands of supervisors and employers. Deterrents to justice are the recurrence

Farmworker Sexual Violence Facts

The Community Alliance for Global Justice provides statistics from the Southern Poverty Law Center on agricultural workers in the United States. These illustrate the gender disparity in the industry and the pervasiveness of sexual violence in the workplace. 

There's a Sexual-Harassment Epidemic on America’s Farms

The Atlantic reports that the American agricultural industry is composed of workers who are undocumented or have temporary work visas, which only increases their vulnerability to exploitation. This exploitation takes many forms, including unfair labor practices, the lack of fair

Women's Issues

This report by the America-based National Farm Worker Ministry includes statistics on the exploitation of women in the agriculture field and discusses how female farmworkers’ vulnerabilities are higher than that of men. Familial responsibilities exacerbate women’s need for employment and