16 Days Toolkit #ILOendGBV June 2019

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#ILOendGBV is an initiative of the 16 Days Campaign that aims to ensure that women’s voices and lived experiences are brought to bear on the International Labor Organization’s current discussions and will result in the adoption and implementation of a strong, legally-binding convention on GBV and harassment in the world of work that not only takes into account existing international legal standards but strengthens them and fills crucial gaps. The ILO will make a decision during the next meeting of the International Labor Conference (ILC) in June 2019.

This toolkit offers feminists and women’s rights organizations a guide to understand the ILO’s proposed convention. We aim to demystify the ILO’s standard-setting process and provide information about the content of the instrument, as well as tools and resources to advocate with governments to support the adoption of the convention.

Visit our campaign page to learn more about the 16 Days #ILOendGBV campaign!

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