Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice

Thematic analysis: eliminating discrimination against women in political and public life with a focus on political transition

There have been decades of effort in increasing women’s political participation. This has taken the shape of CEDAW’s Article 7 and 8, the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action declaration of women’s rights as human rights, and the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action prompting of quotas for women’s political representation. However, despite these achievements, the Working Group calls attention to the continued marginalization of women from the political sphere and the low percentages of women in decision-making positions. The Working Group also emphasizes that violence against women in all its forms, whether in the private or the public space, undermines women’s capacity to effectively engage in political and public life. Finally, the Working Group recommends States to accelerate efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women, including through a comprehensive legal framework to combat impunity, in order to fulfil women’s human rights and to improve the enabling conditions for women’s participation in political and public life.

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