Workplace violence against nurses in the emergency departments of three hospitals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional survey

“Violence in healthcare systems is one of the most common forms of workplace violence. The Emergency Nurses Association in The United states reported that workplace violence in the healthcare setting is 3.8 times higher than all private industry, and that the emergency department is a particularly vulnerable setting. The Centers for Disease Control and other governmental organizations in the United States and other countries, have long been aware that violence is a well-recognized occupational hazard of working in hospitals. As the front door to the hospital for many patients, especially those with the most emergent needs, the emergency department (ED) is where the violent encounter most often occurs. The ED is open at all hours and the nurse is usually the first healthcare provider encountered by the patient. The high rate of victimization among clinical nurses has not abated over time, and remains a key reason for losses from the workforce and an inability to attract new nurses.”

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